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BB01-Button Box

BB01-Button Box

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Designed and Manufactured in the USA

At SM-Racing Products, we believe quality simulator hardware doesn't have to be expensive. Save money without sacrificing quality with the BB01-Button Box. Featuring the same quality internals and rigid mounting options as our flagship BB02-Button Box, with a classic red and chrome aesthetic. 

1. No driver install required - Plug it in, and start playing. No driver, no extra software needed.

2. Universal Mounting System - Our BB01-Button Box uses a standard 100mm VESA mount pattern for easy mounting. Easily install your BB01 onto your extrusion rig with the optional 80mm/100mm Aluminum Extrusion Face Mounts or an Aluminum Extrusion Side Mount.*^

SM-Racing Products BB01-Button Box, VESA Mount, Aluminum Extrusion Mounts and Desk Clamp

3. Desk Racer? No Problem! -Mount your BB01-Button Box anywhere with the sturdiest desk clamp on the market. Featuring a 3-inch opening and five angle adjustments, your button box will always be within reach.*


4. High Quality Components -  We use the highest quality components available. Our switches are carefully chosen for responsiveness, longevity and tactile feel. Each of our housings are designed and manufactured on-site for superior quality control and feature brass inserts for added strength and rigidity. 

 SM-Racing Products BB01-Button Box, VESA Mount, Heat Set Insets

5. Full PCB Internals - Proprietary PCB internals provide worry-free operation. 

SM-Racing Products BB01-Button Box, PCB Internals

6. USB-B Port - Featuring a USB-B port on the side of the box, simply replace the included 6-ft cable for proper cable management or in the event of cable damage.

7. Timeless Style - The BB01-Button Box features a textured finish with touches of red and chrome for a classic aesthetic.

Our button box is plug-and-play with most major sim titles (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, American Truck Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator, Farm Simulator 19/22 have all been tested).

SM-Racing Products button boxes are built in the USA and endure a strict quality control process before shipping.


1. (1) Red Lighted On-Off Switch - Intended as an ignition switch but it can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

2. (1) Momentary On-Off Switch - Intended as a starter switch but it can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

3. (1) Blue Lighted On-Off Switch - Intended as a pit speed limiter switch but it can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

4. (2) Momentary On-Off-On Switches - Can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

5. (6) Momentary Push Buttons - Can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

6. (4) 360-Degree Rotary Encoders with Momentary Push Button- Most commonly used for brake bias, fuel map, TC, ABS, weight jacker, and ARB adjustments. They can be mapped to almost any in-game function.

Button Box - Button Descriptions - BB01

*One mounting option included in BB01-Button Box Price. Additional mounts sold separately.

^M8 Bolts and T-Nuts for extrusion mounting not included.

BB01-Button Box is only compatible with PC

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My BBO1-Button Box arrived quickly. The included instructions made setup super easy. Box works great, and the build quality is fantastic. Will definitely be using SM-Racing Products for my sim racing peripherals from now on.

Worth The Price and Then Some

Works well across a number of games. Great customer service, easy to plug and play. I don't think I can really understate how beneficial this has been for control management in-car for the sims I race on.

Steve DeGroat
Amazing device

Amazing product. Works well with iRacing and American/European Truck sims. Easy setup, plug and play. Don't realize how badly you needed it until you are using it and then don't know how you lived without it.

A critical piece of sim hardware.

These guys build the absolute premium box, the customer service is unmatched and it adds a level of immersion to your sim that you didn’t know you needed.

I can’t believe I went this long without it.